Retiring? Me? No way…


No—I am not retiring. I don’t think I will ever get to. I’m pretty sure that laundry isn’t something you can retire from. You can only shift positions in that department. As in…make someone else do it but ultimately…you still have to make sure it’s done.

The very lovely lady in the black outfit is retiring. Who is that? She’s been on my blog before. It’s my MIL (mother-in-law). We don’t have many pictures of her with all of the grand-kids and we managed to get this one (until this sweet baby I’m carrying comes anyways).

So a very Happy Retirement Penny!!

Are you up for babysitting now that you are done…babysitting in the school system?

I jest. I jest.

Unless you really are interested.

Man-I’m funny! I think she’d rather deal with her inner city school district than watch all of my kids!

Again—Happy Retirement you lucky lady you!!

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