Because my twin told me to…

Wow with a title like that I could go soooo many places with. Like all the stupid stuff I have told my twin to…and she does. Or the stuff I tell her not to…and she does and it ends up bad. Now—I am racking my brain to see if there have been many times where the roles were reversed in this situation we have…I don’t think so. I am the bossy one. Go figure.

ANYWAYS…she came out to visit with me. And then she said…take a picture of me and Sage. “I am always around these kids and you never take pictures of me with them.” She’s right. I know I try to make it a point to take pictures of my other family that isn’t around when we do see them…but not really of my twin.

So I pulled out the camera and VOILA.

002 005

My twin with Sage.

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  1. How cute! Glad you finally got one of sissy with our littlest darling!