The answer to the sneak peek…

So the question was what were these used for?

Ft. Scott 016

The “these” is of course the candy. Smarties to be exact.

A bribe of sorts. Ah—betcha knew that part already though. But not whom they were for. Or should I say what they were for?

Ft. Scott 003 Ft. Scott 006 

Did you think that was the answer?  The kids wanted to hear them quack so I told them to quack at them. Which they did (much to my amusement). And then I threw the Smarties in the direction of the birds.

And my kids’ faces?

Ft. Scott 019 You can barely see Stormy’s head in there but she was staring just as intently as the others. And me?

I was trying to hurry so the birds wouldn’t chase me.

(At this particular park they have been known to do that)

Oh—and the birds. Did they like the Smarties? I think so. The big one kept making this weird movement after each one so maybe they were too bitter for the birds? I dunno. They kept eating them.

More on this location in a few weeks. Sorry for the suspense. And if I forget…please remind me.

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