that describes me.

My house is so messy it’s past the point of embarrassing. PB& J’s are a food staple because it requires the least amount of energy from me. I have been taking 2 hour naps during the kids’ nap time. I still go to bed early (before 10PM). I have hopped up to catch a few things…a falling baby…interrupt two sisters beating the tar out of each other…and today I threatened my son to not come out of his room unless he really wanted a spanking.


I know I was tired in the beginning of each pregnancy I have had. I also googled it to research why…

“It's hard work making a baby. The process of supporting the new life inside you taxes every system in your body. The ensuing fatigue is often particularly strong during the first trimester, when you're building the placenta that feeds and nourishes your baby until birth. Also, the additional hormones circulating during pregnancy -- particularly progesterone -- can make you feel sleepy and less energetic. Your metabolism is also affected. Many women have low blood pressure while pregnant because their blood is circulating through two systems -- mom's and the baby's -- and that can cause fatigue.”

So—yes I am tired. It is hard work making a baby. And taking care of four more. And a husband. And the house. And…etc.etc.etc.

Excuse me while I go take a nap…

I have a big day tomorrow that I will hopefully be able to share before my {ahem} nap tomorrow.

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