A great day at the OB office

Today was my first sonogram and first appointment with the nurse practitioner. And both appointments went smashingly. The sonogram started the morning off at a whopping 8:30AM. Which means that I I had to drive in AM traffic heading into town. It is probably safe for everyone that I don’t do that everyday. Road rage to say the least. And I was running—not late—but not planning for the traffic. UGH! ARGH! STUPID NON- DRIVING…get off your phone you ding dong. If you text and drive at the same time you are bound to miss something important—like the sign that said that lane was closed!


The sonogram—we were nervous about this. Twins run in my family. The more kids you have, the older you are, the genetics…etc. make my chances for twins higher than others. So how many angels did God see fit to give us in this pregnancy?


Thank God.

I think twins are great. I am a twin. Maybe that’s why I don’t really want twins. I can handle single newborns-no problem. And even with single newborns I can handle the rest of the chaos that is my normal everyday life. I don’t know if I can handle two newborns and the rest of my normal chaotic life. And God obviously knows my limits. He gave me Shayne, Stormy {a true test there}, Connor {boys are sooooo different}, and Sage {she is getting to be a little bit of a firecracker}. He also knew I would suffer the miscarriage and he carried me through that and gave me Sage. And now…he is giving us one more sweet little baby.

How did the baby look?

Like a tadpole with a heart beat. Yep-this sweet baby’s heart is nice and strong for only having just begun beating a few days ago {if that}.  Heart rate was officially 113BPM—very good for this early.

How did I look?

Aside from a cyst on my right ovary that should burst {sounds painful doesn’t it?} I look great. Blood pressure was 109/62. And I will not put my weight on my blog. If I weighed a lot less I would but I don’t so I won’t. {sigh}.

What is our due date?

According to the sonogram today…October 28, 2010. So I am exactly 6 weeks pregnant.

It’s going to be a long pregnancy. Which is scary because I have known for 2 weeks. Yep—It’s going to be a long one. That is one of the disadvantages of knowing so early. It makes it seem forever until the due date. But I always know really early. Scary huh?

The nurses remember me…I can’t imagine how {ahem}. My Dr. saw me while in the hallway and gave me a hug. She has delivered 3 of the 4 now. And has actually been my Dr. since right after I had Shayne when that Dr. changed fields. She knows everything there is to know about me. And she is super happy that we are {again} adding to our crew. She can’t wait for me to bring all the kids in to say hi. Well-she will definitely get her chance won’t she?

A great day!

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  1. so happy for the good news! sorry you'll be pregnant throughout the summer!