Pregnancy Q & A…again

1. How am  I feeling?

Pretty good actually. Like starting to feel not so nauseas all.the.time. Exhaustion is something that lasts through most of pregnancy though. I don’t sleep very well anyways and it is worse when pregnant. By the end of the day I am just plum-wore out! You would think that would help me sleep but alas, no…it doesn’t matter.

2. Any thoughts on the sex of the baby?

Well-I have 50% chance of having a girl and a 50% chance of having a boy.{snort.giggle.snort}. I am still leaning towards boy. Paul is too now.

3. Any preference on a boy or girl?

I honestly don’t care. It would be super cool for Connor to have a little “brudder.” Someone to play trucks and trains and building at giggle at the torment of their sisters…makes me smile. BUT how could I not also be equally happy about the possibility of another little girl? Blonde hair…blue eyes{as that seems to be the pattern all of my children have}. More bows and dresses and dolls and…all the sweet stuff that makes up little girls.

So-nope I don’t have a preference. Scratch that I do. I want the baby to be healthy. That’s it. That’s my preference.

4. Am I going to find out the sex of the baby?

You better believe it. I had a brief moment where I thought I could wait. It was a brief moment. VERY brief. I am a planner in as much as I can be so…got to get everything ready!

5. Where will the baby sleep?

Where all of my kids have slept. In my room, in a bassinet. It makes nursing so much easier. Well-at least for me it does.

Another Q & A post coming up in couple weeks…after the next sonogram but before the surgery…

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