Baby names…

Oh the debates that could go on over baby names…

I (of course) have been thinking about baby names a lot lately…

I have a few names picked out for either sex of the baby. Here are a few

BOYS- I want to stick with the letter “C”

Caleb, Calum, Carson, Clay, Clint, Colin, Cooper*, Cullen

GIRLS- I want to stick with the letter “S”

Skye, Saylor, Sofia, Stella

I am having a hard time with girls names. I really think {if it’s a girl} we will go with Skye. It fits the unique names that our other daughters have.  For a boy…Cooper is the one we are leaning towards. Colin is close to it though. Cooper Colin…Hmmmm…Maybe a bit too much though right?

Oh decisions decisions…Good thing I have a bunch of time to make those decisions!

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  1. hopefully you'll have the name figured out before the baby arrives! just don't forget to let us know what it is going to be!!! lol