What would Stormy buy?

Stormy got some birthday money and it has been burning a hole in her pocket! What would a little girl named Stormy buy though?

It is something in this picture…what could it be?

IMG_5645 It wasn’t the Zhu Zhu pet. That is Pipsqueak which she got not that long ago. It wasn’t the green Zhu Zhu pet blanket you see in the picture either.

It was…

IMG_5645 copy The wheel for the Zhu Zhu pet to run in. She just thinks it is the coolest thing ever.

Oh—and if you were wondering…yes, Stormy dressed herself. She loves any kind of different sock. These just happen to be Hello Kitty. She also loves her skull socks—and she wears them year round. She has Care bear socks. And Tinkerbell. And Ladybug. She doesn’t go for the plain white socks. Nope. Not Stormy. As if I should expect anything else.

My. Stormy.