Holidays are special

to me. I always ALWAYS take a picture of my kids on each major holiday. This year was different.

I had a baby shower to attend and Paul was at home with the kids. I told Paul after nap I would do their picture. No big deal. Well…Shayne’s best friend, Lexi, called while I was gone. She invited Shayne over to spend the night since they didn’t have school the next day. Paul said yes. When I was talking to Paul on the way home and found out Shayne wasn’t home, I was upset. I actually started crying. I haven’t missed a holiday yet. And she’s 8. So I tell myself (actually my best friend does) that she is getting bigger and it’s okay. She’s right. It’s just Valentine’s Day right?


So my twin invites us over for dinner and I tell her okay. Then I call and talk to Shayne. She wants me to bring her clothes. So we head out with a stop at Lexi’s to drop off clothes for Shayne.

I run in and tell her I need her to come to the truck really fast. Why?


Now this isn’t a great picture. What I normally do is get the kids all holiday-theme dressed and do the picture. BUT—this year was different. I was just happy I got a picture at all. Seriously.

My sweet little Valentine’s~

Mommy is crazy sometimes about this stuff. And it will pass. Thank you for letting me do this now while you are little and I can.




Here are the kids from previous Valentine’s Days…

P2140232P2140246P2140236   (2006)


p2140015 (2)  (2008)



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  1. loved the pics and maybe you will get over it someday, like when the kids are grown and out of the house! lol