A really different shoot for me…

I did a surprise Valentine’s shoot for someone. Not a boudoir shoot exactly. I wouldn’t do those. But something sexy and classy. That sounds great right? I am not going to post any of the pictures except one. Because it isn’t exactly…a normal picture. But I love it. It is super classy. I think.

059 copyThis is just…I love this shot. Seriously. And when I told my friend that I was going to just take a picture of her feet…she wasn’t sure what was going on. BUT once I showed her this photo…she totally got it. And she ordered it too!

Do you have any unusual shots that turned out to be your favorites?

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  1. one of the best pictures from your dad and my wedding is of Aunt Marita, Aunt Charlene and me. We didn't know the picture was being taken and we were really laughing hard! turned out to be one of my favorites!!!