My Valentine’s Day…

I think (actually I know) that I have mentioned that Paul is not the most romantic guy in the world. I told him for Valentine’s Day I wanted him to do something sweet and romantic. Nothing too scary there right?

Well the sweet…

On Sunday morning—VALENTINE’S DAY—at 4AM he woke me up with a rose in my face and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you”

Okay…that was sweet. Here is the rose…

009 Fast forward a few hours...after sleeping a little while longer…

The kids bring up the Valentine’s we made for Daddy and the card that he got for me as well.

He wrote me a note in it:

“I think I got the sweet down. The romanic will happen later. Love, Paul”

And yes—he misspelled romantic (that’s okay too…it just adds to the sweet factor I think and it was 4AM afterall).

Hmmm….so let’s fast-forward to the actual romantic part…

I got to take a bubble bath without the kids jumping in (that’s what it was supposed to be…Sage ended up in the tub with me for a few minutes anyways).

The end.

Yep—that’s it for romance for Paul. It was really sweet actually. What he said was, “the bath is so you can relax and just have a few minutes alone to yourself.”

Believe it or not…it was wonderful. A whole 30 minutes by myself (mostly) just to relax…


I hope your Valentine’s was great! I have more to tell but not in this post!


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  1. good job Paul! he really put some thought into it this year!!!