Only Stormy…

I have been trying to figure out how I wanted to do this very special post for my darling girl, Stormy and I have decided to just wing it. I want to share some pictures of Stormy throughout her life. Sound good?

I thought you might think so (HA!)

stormy jakfd This is Stormy’s birth announcement. I got the saying from Paul’s baby book. I love it. I actually glued little keys on each announcement that I sent out. This image is what I scanned in earlier today from a scrapbook. Oh—something else about her announcements…I had to have Paul go buy more of the cards because I printed 25 of them with the wrong info. That is what is called sleep deprivation!

stormy hjakldfj Can you just see the fire in her eyes already?!? If only you knew…

If there was anyone that couldn’t have been more happy to meet this little person than Paul and I, it was Shayne. Shayne had just turned two before Stormy was born. She could hardly contain herself when she came to visit us in the hospital. She loudly exclaimed, “I HOLD MY BABY ME!!!” (Shayne added me to the end of every sentence at this age). I loved how sweet she was with her baby sister. She didn’t really call her Stormy. Mostly she called her MINE.stormy xy

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Yep---Today is Stormy’s birthday. I seriously don’t know how the past 6 years have gone by so quickly. She is my child that no matter where she goes, people remember her. It’s hard to forget a name like Stormy, right? We had no idea naming her Stormy would make her soooooo Stormy. She didn’t like crawling “normal.” She crawled with her butt in the air—bear crawl style. Which so suited her. She was just a round little face at the age of 2. One of the pictures I love is the one where you can’t see her face. It’s her ruffle butt in the 4th of July picture. It’s just…Stormy. Let me tell you—no one could play a better Wicked Witch of the West than my Stormy. Ornery little devil I tell ya! And now…6. Wow.

To Stormy~

My little face. I love you more than you will ever know. You make Momma crazy with everything that is you sometimes. It’s hard to be the Momma to a Stormy. I am so glad that God picked me to be that Momma. He sent you to me to teach me patience. And to teach me to laugh. And to teach me patience. And to make me smile. And to teach me patience.

Someday soon you will be all grown and I will miss all the Storminess that is you. I will be sad. I will feel so blessed with everything you have done to make me a Momma to my own little Stormy.



p.s. No you can’t have one more snack. No you can’t hit your sister because she hit you first. And yes…I will come and get you so you can snuggle with Mommy…just because I can that’s why.

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