Caaannn’'ttttt choooosssseeee…..

I was lucky enough to “shoot” a friend of mine the other day. It was a rough day. Right before they were supposed to be here is when Sage was stiff-armed out of the chair (in Connor’s defense for doing that—he was trying to keep her out of the chair because she isn’t supposed to climb in them). I was also running around like a crazy person making sure I had a few things I would need…you know… the camera for example. BUT now…I am sorting through the pics. Actually that part is done. I just simply cannot choose a favorite. I have been going through a B/W phase lately. I absolutely love them right now. BUT some of the colored ones (slightly toned down for a change) are simply beautiful! Wanna see?

I thought you might…

2 copy 7 copy 9 copy 15 copy And just because I want to share these:

Lacey Brotherton copyAllie Rose copy

Wow-Keri and Jeff—a few things…

1.Can you make any prettier babies?!?! SHEESH! :)

2. Good luck choosing. I don’t envy you this process!

3. ANY time you need a sitter—please call me. Seriously. These girls are angels!

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