What all we did on Shayne’s actual birthday…

She had school. I took cookies up to her class as a treat for her to share. She came home and we did the photo shoot for her. We then got ready. Remember last year? We went out to eat? This year we stayed in. Shayne wanted pizza and breadsticks. Ummm…okay then. We had family over (Nanny, Aunt Carrie, Nick, Jason, Coy, Karry, Grandpa Ron and Linda, Uncle Eric, Donnie, Megan and Logan, and neighbors Matt, Staci, Emma and Ava). There were three cakes to choose from. Lemon with lemon frosting (don’t knock it ‘til you try it), Triple Chocolate Chip cake, and Regular Chocolate Cake with Frosting.


IMG_9316 IMG_9345

Shayne had a great birthday!

Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate a very special day in our lives!

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  1. Glad she had a great birthday with so many cake choices to make!