Weee..I mean Wii…


So there it is.The Wii Fit board. Have I been using it?

Why yes I have!

Sage likes to help me though and so the stupid weight thing pops up and says I’ve gained a few pounds. I look down and notice Sage is just leaning a little bit on it. {sigh}. I usually put her down for her morning nap (yes, she does still take her morning nap. Wouldn’t you if you could?!?) and then I workout. If you are really trying to use this thing and not cheat {ahem} it will give you a pretty decent workout. I mean it has for me anyways.

I always start with the yoga. Seriously. Some of those things are  nuts. Who puts their body in those positions on a normal basis? The deep breathing is super easy but it gets me ready. I also do the side stretch thing (I can’t remember it’s “name”). That one does hurt. The warrior is good. I have done a few more but I will talk about them at another date.

Next up, I do the strength training. HOLY CRAP I HATE LUNGES! Why do I hate them? They cause excruciating pain for yours truly. If I was in better shape maybe they wouldn’t hurt so bad but for now…WOWZA. THE PAIN THE PAIN!! I actually upped my reps today and I thought I was going to cry before I finished. I also did an arm exercise and a few more things—again we will talk about those at later date.

Following strength training, I always do the aerobics. The hula is my favorite…mainly because I kick butt at it. I also try to beat my best score every time I do it. If you ever want a cramp from laughing all you have to do is watch Paul do this one. I hate the running. I feel silly just running in place and I always hope that no one can see me hopping around my living room like a dingbat. I have finally got the step thing figured out and am pretty good at it. I also unlocked one more exercise that I am really liking.

Last I do the balance games. Why? Because they really are just games but it is more of a cool down for me. Stormy has the highest score in a lot of these. She loves them. I don’t like the soccer ball one. Mainly because I always get hit in the face with shoes and panda heads. I like the ski jump one though. I have the highest score in it.

Are my workouts working?

I feel better after I do them. I have sore muscles from doing exercises I haven’t done in awhile. It makes me shower and get dressed every day rather than just hanging in my pjs. So I am going to have to answer this with a yes they are working.

What kind of workouts do you do?


  1. believe it or not, every evening while I'm waiting for the bathtub to fill, I do exercises and Alan does exercises in the family room. The first two nights were killers for the old muscles..and so funny listening to the two of us moan and groan!! Maybe we should get a Wii!!!

  2. I'm getting ready to start the Biggest Loser wii...I heard that it is tough! I'll let you know how it goes!