A treat of it’s own…

Last night while I was getting dinner done, I tell Paul that after dinner we are going to go somewhere. All six of us. A treat if you will. Nothing major though…just ice cream from Sonic (gotta love the $1 candy sundaes!).

So we get up to Sonic and the girls each pick a sundae. Shayne picked the peanut butter cup and Stormy picked the M&M one (these both suit my girls so perfectly!). Connor picks…a banana. Seriously kid? I paid $1 for a banana because he didn’t want ice cream. Okay fine. I pick a strawberry sundae (Man I love those things. I also justify that it is a little healthy because it has fruit in it). Paul picks…Butterfinger sundae (that’s his favorite). We get our ice cream and head out. I told Paul to run to Walgreens because Stormy needs a package of something to take to school for the 100th day party on Monday (they were due on Friday at the latest). I am reaching back and feeding Sage a couple bites of my ice cream…which she likes of course. We get to Walgreens and I run in. I find the medicine that Paul needs (decongestant) and jelly beans for Stormy. I head to the checkout. A very nice young man scans my stuff and then looks at me…

“Um, Ma’am. You have something in your eyebrow. It’s white.”

I reach my hands up and rub my face making sure I have whatever it is off of the whole area. My response to him,

“I was feeding the baby ice cream in the truck. Go figure I end up with some on my face.”

I quickly walk out. No wonder why people were looking at me funny. Never mind that I don’t have make-up on. Never mind that I have my hair in a disheveled ponytail. Never mind that I am in yoga pants and Paul’s t-shirt.It was the flippin ice cream (technically it was whipped cream because that is what she politely spit back at me) on my face that people were looking at.


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