Did I? or didn’t I?

Every year since my children have been born I have had their pictures done on their actual birthdays. I will admit it’s getting harder and harder. There never seems to be enough time. Again…because it is something that is important to me, I make the time. This year…

was I able to keep my tradition going? or did I flop?


of course I did it. My children’s birthdays provide some of the best memories of my life. It takes me back to when they were born. That moment when they are delivered, that last push, that feeling…not the pain feeling. The feeling. It’s hard to explain. Most mommies feel it. I don’t know what daddies feel. Maybe I will ask Paul. Or if you know…let me know please.

So how did Shayne’s pictures come out? You tell me.

IMG_9160_edited-1 copyIMG_9225 IMG_9294 copy