PART II of Christmas and an answer to one post from this month…12.25.2009

We all got ready after some serious playing with new toys (the guitar…the zhu zhu pets…the tractors…the baseball stuff {NO HITTING SISTERS SPEECH}…the ball popper…) and headed to Nanny’s house. Nanny is Penny to me and Mom to Paul.

Before that…what does a true Christmas morning look like? Is it all smiles and happy voices? Hmmm…there are four children all talking and trying to get into presents and touching the ones that are not theirs…so in short…NO A CHRISTMAS MORNING IS NOT ALL SMILES AND HAPPY VOICES. It is absolutely full of memories though.


Yep…Shayne is yelling at Connor. Stormy is not listening to anyone. And Sage is crying because that is her toy. Seriously.


Doesn’t she look so pretty? sigh.

Okay—we loaded up the troops and headed to Nanny’s. or Penny’s. or Mom’s.

There were 19 cars on the sides of the highways or in ditches or getting ready to be towed. There was a 4 car accident on the highway. Did I mention that it was blizzardy the day before (that’s not really a word…in case you were wondering).

So we get there safely. And we get to open presents. I am only going to show one picture of one person opening a present there. Remember when my detour happened? It was Penny (or Nanny or Mom) I was buying for.


It is Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. It is her favorite.

And then we did some traditional pictures because…because that is what I do. Take pictures.


From Left to Right: Eric, Penny, Carrie and Paul. He really does look like…no one in this picture right? Bald and shorter than the rest. He looks like his Dad though. Except his Dad has hair.


Can you tell that my eyes are a little swollen? I am recovering from {ahem} pink eye.


Carrie and Nick. Eric, Donnie, Jen, Logan and Megan. I love that we all see everyone at Christmas. I mean we see them more than just at Christmas but it is special on this day.


Remember when I asked who’s older? I have done a few posts on this little guy. So the answer is…Sage is older. By 6 weeks. She was born on September 9th. And Logan’s birthday is on October 15.


Also---I know---I know---he probably thought I forgot. I didn’t. I just hadn’t blogged about it yet. So…

Happy Birthday Jason.

Thank you for salting the driveway (and the neighbors). I hope you enjoyed the cookies. I hope you had a good birthday. Aside from having to work your tail off. Aside from the blizzard. And I know you were sad you didn’t get to see {ahem} Stormy. She worked so hard on your card. And she picked the Mater because she knew “Jason would love it!” Now that the blizzard is done…get some sleep dude.


  1. These are so good, but I just love the one of Sage and Logan!!!

  2. birthdays r over rated . when old US lol thanks 4 the cookies thanks 4 mentioning my b day kids cards were awesome hank them 4 me