The detour starts here:

If you saw any of my tweets yesterday you may have noticed what the detour entailed. Yep-one of my kids woke up with eyes crusted shut for the second day in a row. So I decided to call to see if they {the Dr.’s office} could just call something in. Nope. Because of her age they wanted to see her. The only appointment left with our favorite Dr. was at 10:45. Which means that we would need to leave by 10:15 to get there in time. Did I mention that it is 9:54 and all the kids still look like this?IMG_5172 I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I hop in the shower because….well I stink. During this I tell the big girls to get dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. So when I get out they should be ready right? Wrong. It took a couple of shouts for that to happen. Connor surprised me and was dressed in a matching outfit {no sarcasm—he really did}. I get the baby dressed and out the door we go. What time was that again? Ahh…we left the house at 10:13. Two minutes to spare baby. So we are driving to the pediatricians office quickly. It is at the office that isn’t close to us. I pull into the parking lot and unload the troops. Holding hands were Connor, Shayne and Stormy with me carrying Sage in. A very nice older man said, “Wow. You have your hands full.” If I could have bragged about what all I accomplished in 20 minutes that morning I would’ve. Up the alligator we go {that is Stormy-speak for elevator}. Down the hall into the office and sign in. I had 3 minutes to spare. What was the result of all that?

IMG_8280Yep…pink eye for one. And because we have {ahem} so many children he wrote a prescription for a refill on this expensive medication because “conjunctivitis is highly contagious.”

And you know what I did after all that?

I took the kids—yes all four of them—to the mall by myself. Not the nice easy mall that is almost closed because there are only a couple of stores left. The insane mall. And my kids did great. They listened. They didn’t whine. You know why? Because Santa won’t bring any toys to kids that don’t listen to their Momma. And because we went in, got what we needed, made one stroll around and turned and left. Suh-weet.

After the mall, Paul got back in town {of course after…why would he make it back in town before the mall?} and we headed to lunch at my favorite place.

It was a crazy, great day! 12.21.2009