I apologize for my whining about being in a funk. I am mostly out of it now. Being in a funk will get me no where.
I know I will get a job. I know that Sage will not always have cranky-pants days. I know that my kids will go to bed (at some point) without making me turn into a crazy lady.
What turned my funk around? A few things.
Is that not the saddest—cutest—little face you ever saw? This was from her 15-month shoot. Yep-my baby is 15-months-old. {sigh}
What else helped my funk? friends (Katie, Bonnie and Molly,are just a few to mention). Thank you for checking on me. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.
The family I did do daycare for sent me a few pictures of Baby R. He is really cute! Even with tubes around him. He has big, pudgy cheeks (like his sister) and the sweetest little forehead looks like his big brother.
So---I will get out of this funk. Being negative helps no one. So…there. I will do it. Because it helps no one.

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