11.16.2009---early present---

So you may remember that we have been in the process of finishing our basement for sometime. It is basically done. All it needs is furniture, trim, knick-knacks...etc. Anyways-there have been some toys down there for quite awhile that the kids have been unable to get to. I finally pulled one of said toys out of the basement for them to play with. It's a "new" toy again! They love it. What is the toy I am talking about?
The one that Connor like to take apart and Shayne puts back together. Sage loves watching the bell-ball going down each tunnel. It is the Castle toy by Discovery Toys. I am missing the red ball--it's been gone for a long time. I am trying to order a replacement set because besides the red one missing, the blue one has a slightly melted side from sitting...no need for that story here.
I love "new" old toys!

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