you have got to be kidding me... picture from today...10.9.09

It's been awhile since I have done a "that is so funny, glad it wasn't me" story hasn't it. Well--anyone interested in hearing one?

So...I get a call from the PTO president telling me that Stormy's Sallie Foster order is at school still. Shoot. I forgot to get hers when I picked up Shayne's. No big deal. She offers to bring it by later. I tell her that would be great and thank you and all that. I have Shayne run upstairs and get me {ahem} an undergarment because I was already in pj's for the night but I don't want to answer the door without...okay. Fast forward awhile and the doorbell rings. I answer it and there she is. Making a strange face. I brush it off because she probably just noticed that I was in a stained t-shirt and sweats and my hair in a pony-tail...you get the picture, I was ready for bed. A little while later Paul came home and wants me to put on some shoes and come outside to see something.
"Paul, it's cold and raining. This better be good"
"I just wanna see if you notice something."
So out I go. I look at the front of our house. The girls' light is still on. The new spotlights for the headstones in our front yard are too bright {we really only need one spotlight I guess--not three} and...
"That is why she made such a weird face when she dropped off Stormy's fundraising stuff!!!!!!"
Paul can't stop laughing. I think it's kind of funny. And then I grab the scotch tape and tape his hands back up.
Wanna see the cause of all this...

There he is. I have decided to call him Al.

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  1. Too bad we couldn't read what she was thinking! What a hoot!!!!