Two weeks

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It doesn’t seem like it was two weeks ago that Cooper made his entrance (well…not until 9:28PM CST officially). Time flies when you have kids. Really…think about it. Before you had kids…or at least before I had kids, time was just time. I never really processed how fast time flies. Until I had kids. Maybe you only realize how quickly time flies when you have kids. It doesn’t seem like I should have an almost-nine-year-old daughter. No wait. REALLY?!? And now…my sweetest newborn is already two-weeks-old.

Happy 2 weeks sweetie. Sorry about all the noise around you. Sorry the two-year-old sister (you realize will love you eventually) got you with a book. I think she wanted to read to you. Please keep being your sweet soft breathing, nuzzling, gazing, sweet smelling self. Big as the moon, far as the stars baby.


  1. Yes, time flies when you have kiddos, and it keeps going faster every day!

  2. What a sweet pic!! Love it!! Enjoy it...

  3. He'll be a tough little cookie by the time he's mobile and can get even with her :)