A post with un-edited photos…

You read correctly.

Nothing has been altered in the forthcoming photos…

No color saturation. No sharpness. No “fun” tricks.

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

I think you catch what I am saying.

Now why am I saying it?


When you look at this picture:


you might think I had changed the color to make her look…dirtier than she was.

When you look at this picture:


you might think I edited to make the colors stand out more.

When you look at this picture:


you might think I added more mess to the image.

When you look at this picture:


you might think I “upped” the color for her eyes and the mess on her face.


I didn’t change anything in those photos. I just pulled them off of the camera. I took them yesterday.

I am still wondering why in the heck I let my son convince me to feed those two raviolis for lunch.

It took a TON of wipes to clean her up. I had the foresight to take her white shirt off of her before I let her eat. I didn’t take off her boots…which {somehow} did end up with sauce on them. So did her pants. And her hair. I should have just put her in the sink and hosed her off. But ravioli sauce stains if you don’t wipe it up with baby wipes. Don’t ask me how I know this. Or if you do ask me…expect a long story. sigh.

Her face isn’t stained today. I didn’t buy any raviolis at the store yesterday because it will be a long, long, long time before I do that again. The reasons why are listed in picture form above.


  1. LOL - that is tooo funny! It is for that very reason that we don't have ravioli's very often and when we do I now feed them to Parker!