POST II from Halloween.

First let me start by reminding you all of how important Halloween is to me. It could be the candy. It could be the costumes. It could be the sheer joy my kids have of dressing up that makes my heart smile. It could be that I love dressing up. It could be the fact that it is now tradition for our family to all dress up and people ask me a month ahead what our theme will be.

It could be all of the above.

This Halloween was different. Kind of. Paul was home most of the day. He got home around 3AM so I knew he would be off the rest of the day.

Glad I didn’t place any bets on that though.

He got his call for work and had to be there by 7PM. Which means he needed to leave a little after 6. You know…the time that you actually start trick-or-treating…ugh. I called up my twin and asked for help. I couldn’t take the baby out—too cold. I couldn’t make my kids sit at home and miss out. She saved the night for my kids.

We all did dress up. The only one that was kind of on his own theme was Connor. Poor dude. Dad was supposed to be his theme but life happens you know? Paul did put on a mask for a few photos though. So what all did we dress up as?

Cooper for his first Halloween was a skeleton. Shayne the vampire I mentioned earlier this week. Sage was a spider (the same costume Stormy wore when she was 21 months old). And the costume that Stormy picked out on her own (not being sarcastic…she really did pick it)…a devil. What was I? You’ll see. Connor was (of course) The Joker. Paul was Batman that has to work on the railroad delivering freight or grain or whatever saving the economy. Ahem.

WARNING ISSUED: Many photos ahead.




A couple of yard decorations from our yard (photo courtesy of my twin being bored while we ran next door for the first trick-or-treating house before Paul had to leave).


The headstones I got from my best friend. I googled some headstone sayings and those are a couple of what I found. The Lester Moore one is on a real headstone somewhere in this country. Hammon Eggs…may be real somewhere I suppose. But if I had to place a bet on that…I wouldn’t.

Oh—did you figure out what my costume was supposed to be? One of my neighbor’s little girls said it as soon as I opened the door to give her candy. She got a whole handful of candy from me!!


Witchy, Witchy

Screamy, Screamy

Happy, Happy


Until next year!


  1. I Love it!!! I already miss Halloween!!

  2. As always, your family is amazing at Halloween!

  3. It was a huge TREAT. It's been a long time since I had to take a toddler out trick-or-treating and then I got to TRICK the living life out of her with the scary mask. Even now I'm giggling :)