You might be getting close to delivery if…

…your maternity clothes no longer fit.

if…you have packed and re-packed the baby’s bag no less than a dozen times.

if…you have the need to clean everything. Twice.

if…you are washing more teeny tiny clothes, socks, blankets than you ever imagined…and it doesn’t bother you at all. It actually makes you smile.

if…you have to use the bathroom if you drink even a teaspoon of water.

if…you rub your tummy when there is movement and realize that it is almost over.

if…you are curious to know who the baby will look like.

if…you realize that baby’s are more work when they are out than when they are in so you are just enjoying this last part.

if…you can’t tie your own tennis shoes.

if…you can’t see your feet unless you lean over to look. But that hurts too much so who cares.

if…people ask you every where you go when you are due. And you say anytime.

if…you can’t breathe deeply because there is no more room for your lungs.

if…you have finally made the list of people to get a hold of when you go into labor and then the people when you have had the baby.

if…you have started to pack your bag just in case…God forbid you have your spouse do it because nothing would be the way you want it.

if…you have friends telling you to call them if you need anything.

if…you have already started thinking about pain management for every day survival until delivery.

if…you have delivery on your mind and it makes you a little nervous…even though you have done it 4 times before.

if…you measured your belly and you almost passed out at how much tape measurement it took to go around you. 45” isn’t that bad is it? Holy crap.

if…you are making the last lists of what needs to be done before you head to the hospital.

Not that I would personally know too much about any of those things.


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  1. I'd better be on one of those lists! Can't wait to hold Cooper!!!