What all has been going on…

I am still here. Just…have my hands full…literally. My 5 darlings are all adjusting…as well as I knew they would. All the big kids are in awe of their newest sibling.

Cooper is wonderful in every way. He is sleeping in 3 hour increments at night. Either in his bassinet or beside yours truly. He is a champ at needing his diaper changed right after it has been changed. He still has the hiccups around the same time that he did when he was in my tummy.001


And me?

Hormonal. Happy. Tired.

It’s a cycle.

I also have been taking pictures of my newest baby like a maniac. I have so many to show but want to wait until I get his birth announcements done first. That way I don’t give all the good ones away. HA!


  1. He's beautiful Debbie!! Congratulations, glad everything went well!

  2. He is perfect and so happy for you that he is sleeping for 3 hours at a time!

  3. So handsome, can't wait to meet him!