These were from the hospital…

I decided to not use these in Cooper’s birth announcement. So what did I decide?

To share them with you!

These were taken when Cooper was less than 24 hours old.


If you know me at all than you know that I have a serious obsession with baby toes. And of course, my son is no exception.

I think I have at least 20 photos of just his feet!



I love this one of Cooper and Paul. Paul was scrunching the pillow up for me so I could get a few shots that I had to have



This one just made me smile. So I wanted to share it.



I love this because it just has Daddy’s arms keeping him safe.



In my bedroom, I have a photo of each one of my kids yawning. It isn’t a photo I would give to anyone. They are special to me. They fit the bedroom setting because, well, they are yawning after all. I will get a different one done of Cooper in the next few weeks. And it will make my wall too. This one I just wanted to share because, well because I said that’s why.

And so---now you have seen some of the ones that I had considered for his birth announcements. They didn’t make the cut. So what photos did make the cut?

I will share those…soon.


  1. Debbie - He is adorable! When you're up for it, I'd love to stop by sometime to meet him and see you! Let me know. Nice work!