Random thoughts…

I woke up this morning early. Of course, I couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind turned on and just was racing with thoughts. Most not very exciting but still…I couldn’t go back to sleep.

My house is a whopping 67 degrees inside right now. I LoVe it! It’s one of those mornings where you hunker down under the covers because it’s chilly and you stay in bed. Well…that’s what I would have normally done had I not had to get up because a little body was kicking my bladder. It must have been crowding his space. HA!

Last night I checked on the kids as they were almost asleep. Connor was completely passed out. He was holding his new Monster Truck book. Sage too was sound asleep. That little girl is so busy when she’s up that when she’s asleep she seriously looks like an angel. Shayne and Stormy on the other hand were still watching a movie in their room. Stormy was on her way to sleep but not Shayne. I asked if they wanted to sleep in my room. They both hopped up and took off running in the direction of my bed. It’s not a treat I do very often. Paul was out of town though. I really don’t mind the occasional kid fest in my room. And the kids? LOVE it. Stormy snores. Not loudly but she does snore. It kind of suits her personality. Shayne grinds her teeth. Makes me CRAZY. I am constantly wiggling her to make her stop. I have asked the dentist about it. He says her teeth are fine so she must not be grinding that hard. It’s hard enough that it gets on my nerves but as long as it isn’t hurting her I guess no big thing. I actually slept the whole night through…once I finally fell asleep. That also doesn’t happen very often. But it’s soooo nice when it does!

Yesterday was a running errands day for me. My sister called and wanted me to run errands with her. I convinced her to come out my direction so she could help me. What a sucker. Just kidding. It was super nice. I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get something I need to finish the baby’s bedding. Since you know…he’s going to be here in a matter of days and not months anymore. I also ran into K-Mart. I don’t go there very often. I needed to get a shirt that I saw…that I didn’t end up buying but that’s not really the point of this little section. My twin and I went down the Halloween aisle. See…when her kids were small and I had no kids of my own I took great pleasure in scaring them during Halloween season. I know…it’s so mean. It’s also incredibly funny. That’s what happens when you come from a big family. You find ways to amuse yourself at the expense of the siblings. I am happy to report that fine quality is being passed down in my family. Bonnie (my twin) put on a Halloween mask and snuck around the other aisle. When she came charging up the aisle at Sage and Connor (in the cart) I seriously thought Sage was going to climb out of her seat in the cart and climb to the ceiling…just to get away. Connor too. They didn’t think it was funny. It was. I was holding Sage and comforting her. She said “GO!!” after this little incident. We stopped at two more stores. I wouldn’t let Bonnie take them near the Halloween stuff. I don’t think Sage’s heart could handle another electric shock therapy.

I decided to make chili last night for dinner. When I went to get the saltines out of the pantry I was very unpleasantly surprised with the fact they had expired…six months ago. UGH. I loaded up all the kids to run to the store to get crackers. The kids weren’t too bad at the store. Just behaved like kids. I know some people were looking at me like I was crazy. That’s okay.

I measured my belly yesterday. The um…circumference that is. It is big. I never did that with the other kids. I wish I would have. It would have been interesting to see what the differences are. Let me tell you this. I am 5’. I don’t have the largest frame in the world. There really is only one way for baby’s to grow inside of me. It’s out. I will post the actual measurement when Paul gets home from being out of town so he can help me re-measure to make sure I got it right. That’s how big it is. Get your measuring tapes out and ready so you can compare mine and yours!

I set up the little man’s pack-n-play last night. I almost cried. So hormonal these days. It is small and perfect. I cannot believe how little time is left before he gets here. I am super curious as to who he looks like. I mean…I know he will look like the rest of my kids in some way. But…does he have a lot of hair like Sage did… or none like Shayne did…until she was 3! What color will his hair be? Paul has a lot of red in his goatee. Does that mean Cooper could have red hair? Or will be he be blonde like the rest of the kids. Sage started with REALLY dark hair. How long are his fingers? I am assuming his eyes will be blue like all the other kids. Paul has hazel. I have blue. I already know his blood type. Interesting huh? Paul and I are both O-. Yep. That was a requirement to get married. Just kidding. That was just luck. It means I don’t have to have the Rhogam shot. You may Google that to find out more if you are so inclined. Basically it means I get out of being stabbed in the hip with a large needle. Thank God.

I think that’s enough for my random thoughts. Me and the kids are meeting the in-laws for an annual trip today. Here’s a hint…

IMG_5346 IMG_5347 IMG_5350 IMG_5598


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  1. So funny (the Halloween stuff)! Funny you only measured your "last" time...I only measured my "first" time...I lacked 2 inches from being as big around as I was tall!! We know Cooper will be beautiful and perfect!!