Cooper meets his siblings…

The kids got to come up to the hospital on Thursday (10.21.2010) to meet their new little brother. How did it go?

So glad you asked.

Shayne…the natural born mama.


She of course loves him instantly.

Stormy…our natural born walking/talking whirlwind.


She is in awe of him and won’t stop talking.

Connor. We thought he would be our only boy. Until Cooper. He was the most excited big brother ever.


Pride. And yes, that is a new owie on his face—on top of the “old” owie.

Sage. Our more ornery than usual two-year-old daughter.


She didn’t want any help holding him. She squeezed him with a hug and said, “Mine.”

And he kept his hands up by his face when she held him. The whole time.

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  1. I can hardly wait to see a later post about how the siblings feel when the "new" has worn off! As for now, this post is a "keeper"!