This is day number 259 and you're 37 weeks pregnant!
You have 21 days or 3 weeks left, and are 92.5% of the way there.

If you follow Twitter, you know that today was a big day for me. It was cerclage removal day!

It was the fastest removal ever for me. With Sage, it hurt really bad. With Stormy and Connor my OB let me have a spinal—so no pain. Shayne it also hurt. This little baby though?

Just a tad uncomfortable. There are some of the funniest inventions ever in the OB field. I don’t want to disclose too much information for those that get squeamish but trust me. Lighted speculums are just funny.

I also met with the Maternity Care Coordinator. I signed for my epidural. And consent for them to care for my little man when he is born.

So…everything is trucking along nicely. Oh yeah…I am already dilated to 2. And 50% effaced. I would tell you that is a big deal except…it’s not. You can be that dilated for awhile without any other change. But to be optimistic…at least it’s something right? (Almost every woman that has a cerclage dilates to that right after the cerclage comes out!)

And a few photos from today…no—nothing too graphic! HA!

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These are from when we got home:

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Now if you will excuse me…I think I might take a nap.


  1. So happy it went well and glad you are home!

  2. Beautiful pics! You definitely "do" pregnancy well!