Sword out of what?

Boys are definitely different than girls. In every sense of the word.

My girls never did half of the stuff my son does. And vice versa. The girls have done stuff that Connor never has.

Which is “normal” I guess.

My girls don’t pee outside in our neighborhood, hidden behind the big bush just because they don’t want to go inside.

My son does.

My girls don’t obsess over tractors.

My son does.

My girls don’t make gun noises.

My son does.

My girls love to play dress up.

My son does too…Only if it’s Batman or Spiderman or Joker. No really. I mean I have to hide these costumes so he won’t wear them to school.

Something else my son does?

He makes swords out of things.

The other day he had me tape one end of an empty paper towel holder so he could use it as a sword. And he also created a sword out of…


Yep. Markers.

021 024 

After these photos he went and made a fort out of the couch cushions and used his “sword” on anyone who dared get close.

My son.

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