32 weeks…and what was I stressing about…

This is day number 224 and you're 32 weeks pregnant!
You have 56 days or 8 weeks left, and are 80.0% of the way there.
Baby's age since conception is 210 days or 30 weeks.


017Yep. 32 weeks. No—wait a sec. REALLY?!?! Because I haven’t done what is on my to do list!! I have gotten most of the stuff I need/want. But the stuff that needs to be done? Haven’t even begun most of them. I already told Paul that I know it makes him crazy that I want all the stuff done before the baby gets here. I also told him too bad--deal with it. He just says okay.


At my last appointment I was stressed because I was going to have to see a new sonographer today. AND a different Dr. I am not one that likes that kind of change. As it turns out, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. The sonographer (a temp) was super nice. The best part? I got to see my darling boy. I mean that. He is beautiful. ALREADY!!! He has big chubby cheeks. And pouty little lips. And the same nose as all the other kids. The really,  really good news for today?

He is head down.

Thank GOD!

He had been breech. But he got it figured out and is (for now) how he is supposed to be. I am concerned with his size. No one else is. That’s because they don’t have to push him out like me I guess. He is still the “normal” range. It just seems huge to me.

The doctor I got to see was super nice. My blood pressure was 110/58. Good. Weight. Uh-huh. Baby’s heart-rate: 158BPM. He was all over the place when she was trying to listen for him. I can’t help but smile at that.

He is an active little guy. I love it. I love having him all to myself right now. He has his serious party time in the middle of the night. My poor confused little baby. I talk to him a lot and tell him that is sleepy time. He doesn’t care. And honestly…neither do I.

I go back to MY doctor in 2 weeks. It’s all going by so fast. Guess I better finish his bedding. And all the other stuff. I will also enjoy this last part of the pregnancy.

Oh—did you want to see him?

Thought so.



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  1. Cooper will be here before we know it and your momma is concerned about his size too!