Keep on trying…

Saturday I headed out for a shoot. I asked my Mom to meet me at a park for this shoot. The shoot was for friends of my parents. More to come on that later. Anyways—this park is one that I grew up playing at. Family reunions there. Memories.

So after my official shoot, I wanted to try to get a shot of all my troops. Well…all the troops that are currently outside the womb {to tell you the truth…I am nervous about when Cooper is here and I am trying to get a good shot of all 5 of them!}.

Sage has learned a new face to make when I am trying to take a picture. Can you see it?

280 The kids were very nervous doing this one. The bridge was wobbly. That’s what they said anyways.

I’m not even going to show you any of the wagon pictures I took. Yeah…that’s how not good they are.

I can’t resist showing more of my soon to be two-year-old darling. And all her faces.

314 315 316

So can you tell what it is that she does for photos now? With the tucking her chin in so it looks like she has a few of them?

I am going to have to teach her that girls NEVER try to have more chins in photos than…well…just one!

A couple of photos that made my day when I saw them.

320 322

See her face in that second one?

There is a reason.

I will let Connor explain.

327325  330

In the first one, Connor is testing the sucker.

The second one, he is telling us that it is “nasty.”

The third, he is trying to hide it in the bench.

Guess what he did next?

He gave it to Shayne.

331 333 334 335

Shayne was more than happy to let him. She didn’t mind the taste.

She also didn’t mind posing with him.

Stormy saw this.

She decided to also pose with Sage.


Sage minded.


One more funny photo.

Wanna know what your baby does when you ask her where the monster is?


She points and watches intently for it.

And Mommy giggles. And giggles when she sees the photo.

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  1. The pictures are awesome!!! (you couldn't even tell I was there on the bridge)