Hard to believe…

that is already August. Hard to believe that in 9 short days, school starts. I have been busy with getting all the school supplies rounded up. Still have a little to do. It’s also hard to believe that I am almost 28 weeks pregnant. That Sage is just shy of turning 2.

Anyhoo—I have been really busy lately. A few shoots. A lot of laundry. A lot of a lot. And today I have a Dr. appt. No—nothing too major. Just a regular ol’ check-up. You know, weight, pee in a cup, blood pressure, and my favorite part? Listening to the heartbeat within. Nothing sounds better!


(This is me from today. Shayne found the crappy camera (soon to be gone) in my purse and snapped this picture.)

And it’s hotter than Hades in the midwest right now. Like 101 is today’s high. Which means it is too hot for anything. Even swimming. At least for me it is. I have no desire to get all 4 kids ready for the pool. Take them up there. Sizzle in the sun and then come home. So we will be spending the day (aside from my appointment and a quick trip to the store) inside. Playing games. Organizing school supplies. 

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  1. Shayne really needs her own camera because she takes good pictures! Glad all is ok.