Almost forgot…

I have been busy getting things scratched off of my “to get for baby Cooper list.” No joke.

I really do have a document saved on my computer with that name.

I am happy to report that I have quite a few things scratched off of the list!


So what all do I have left?

Diapers. Not sure what size I need. I have two packages of Newborn and one package of Size 1.  It kind of depends on how big the little boy is!

Bottle liners. I have used the Playtex Drop-In bottles for all of my kids. I love them! And apparently they really do make my kids think they are nursing from me (like the commercials said) because they love them too.

Blanket. This is the blanket that will be his blanket. Shayne never really had anything—she was a thumb sucker. Stormy had/has her lambies. Connor has his bear. Sage has her blanket. And so of course I want my little man to have something too. I just haven’t found it yet. It’s one of those things that you just know it when you see it.

Crib sheets—that’s because I have pink extra ones. I don’t want to use pink for my son!

Pack-N-Play. I want the travel sized one. Why? It’s smaller. Oh—why do I need one? Because mine is 8 years old and is wobbly and scary. Okay…not scary. But for a newborn with crazy siblings running around him, it might be.

Sheets for the pack-n-play. Duh.

I did have this other thing on my list but my mother-in-law bought it for her next soon-to-be born grandson! SUH-WEET. I took it off of my list completely!

Stroller. I want the sit-n-stand one. It will be the easiest thing for me when I have to all the troops places. I do have to take them with me more often than not because of Paul’s job. I am usually on my own with them!

Pacifiers. I have no idea what kind I want to get for him. I do know I want him to use them though. After having a thumbsucker in the family that didn’t stop until she was 6…I don’t want a repeat of that, if I can help it. Sometimes…you can’t though. Babies can be ever so slightly opinionated in what they want and don’t want!

Mattress Pad—because he needs one, that’s why.

Socks/Clothes—Yep. I do need these things for him. I am slowly adding to his fall line of clothing choices. I even have some 6-9 month stuff already (thanks to his Daddy picking out a bunch of clearance items at Children’s Place a few weeks ago).

Gauze Pads. We plan on having him circumcised. Kudos to those that choose not to do this. I am not in that category. And that is okay for both sides of this hot topic. To each his own! I do think I can convince the nurses in the post-partum that I would like a few packages to take home so I may be in the clear on this one!

So-what is up with this crazy long post?

I thought I would show you his baby book.

024 025

I haven’t started filling it out yet. I am still working on my “finish before Cooper gets here list.”


And the world goes round…and round…and round. And me? I will keep scratching the stuff off of my list as we get it. Slowly but surely it will happen!

p.s. I am 30 weeks today.


  1. Congratulations on the pregnancy! I hope you'll complete the list soon. :)

  2. Glad you are getting things marked off your list.