28 weeks…

The countdown is on! Not because I am tired of being pregnant. Far from it actually. I love it. BUT the countdown is on because I have nothing done. I haven’t finished the bedding. I have one package of diapers. I haven’t picked out the outfit (for pictures or for coming home). I haven’t picked out his blanket. I haven’t painted what I want painted. And so on and so forth.

This is the most unprepared I have ever been at this point with any of the kiddos.


It’s just been too hot and I’ve been occupied with…everything else!

So what all is happening now that we have hit the 28 week mark?

This is day number 196 and you're 28 weeks pregnant!
You have 84 days or 12 weeks left, and are 70.0% of the way there.
Baby's age since conception is 182 days or 26 weeks. You are due on 10.28.2010


That is what the pregnancy weekly website I use said. When you say 70% of the way there…it just seems…so much closer. And yes, twelve weeks means that I really only have eleven (YES, ELEVEN) weeks left because we induce a week early so that I have a better chance of Paul being home for it.


Countdown is on baby. I better get cracken on some stuff!

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  1. Cooper will be here before we know it! Think it will be cooler then?