I know the title isn’t a word. I was being witty.

Enough of that now.

What was up with the cow?

We took the kids to a fabulous little children’s museum yesterday. We go once every summer.

So what all did we do?

The first room we went into was the Farming room (where the lovely cow preview picture came from).  This is one of the kids’ favorite rooms because of the cash register. Sage, we have found, is a cart-jacker. What in the world does that mean?

It means every time another kid would leave their cart unattended, she would swoop in and take off with their cart. We would then be the police and make her give it back. Only warning tickets were handed out though.  One of my favorite things?

The chicken coop. Can you see it?

 025 010029044

 018 020 026  043  052

Next up was the ball room. So much to do in this room. So many kids. So few pictures.

059 066

The ball room was followed by the space room. Which stunk. There were ball tracks in there. And a few pictures. That’s it. BORING. So let’s skip that and say:

The ball room was followed by the “Medical Room.”  Connor even had Daddy get dressed up in this room! And Stormy found the phone. It was “for ‘mergencies only Momma.”

073 078094

Shayne had a mean giggle in this room. She got Sage up on the patient’s bed. And then she grabbed the fake shot thing. And then Sage started crying. And Shayne…made me a little nervous with the face she made after that.

074 077  

After this we headed for the arts and crafts room. The kids love this room.

096 099  103 104 112 117 125

121 102

We were going to head to the H2O room after the arts and crafts but…there were so many kids in there. And snakes. But the real reason was the number of kids in there. I promise.

We then headed to the big room with the Legos and underwater displays…

130 133  137 138

And they all got to lay in the “scientists bunk.”

It was a great morning.

Followed by one of the kids throwing attitude because we never do anything fun. That kid got grounded. Another kid lost the slushie from Sonic because of taunting the one that did get grounded.

It was a great morning. Sigh.


  1. That looks awesome. We have never been there but are going this Sunday with La Leche League. I think they will have a ton of fun!