These girls are suckers for Sage.

It isn’t a secret really. Sage can wrap almost anyone around her little finger.

She does the grabby sign with her hands and looks up at you with those big blue eyes and her little curls surrounding her face and it just…

melts your heart.

It doesn’t work on me quite the same that it works on others.

For example:


These girls. Sage’s cousins.

Fight over who is going to hold her (STILL). And Sage is a traitor to whichever one she doesn’t pick until a few seconds later when she does pick them. It is a vicious cycle.

My oldest niece, Alayna, absolutely adores Sage.

And it stinks for Sage that Alayna doesn’t see her that often. But when Sage does see her, she knows that Alayna has a really cool cell phone. And that we take pictures with our cell phone.

So she did. Try to take a picture of herself, that is.

And yes…


she made the face.

Ashlyn has  the most wonderful game with Sage where she (Sage) throws her head back only to be lifted up quickly.

Sage loves it. Ashes only loves it for a few minutes because her arms get tired.


Suckers for Sage.

And Sage knows it.

And the girls know it.

And they don’t care.

And it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy to have such wonderful cousins for my kids.

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