Family photo shoot—off the beaten path.

I did some pics for some dear friends. This was the second shoot. The first one…didn’t turn out quite right so we headed out for a second chance. The weather was lovely. A different park. Perfect right?

Until I got everyone lost in this park. I usually go in a certain way and cut through at the end. BUT they were having this concert thing so I had to go in backwards. There were trails all over and some were being re-mulched. I got so turned around. I felt horrible. And of course—if you keep walking and stick to the trails you will get back to the concrete/asphalt trails but still. I had wanted to find this waterfall for the pictures. Which we did…on our way out. And the kids were done. And the parent’s were done. And I was near crying. I did get a couple of decent shots (I think). And I am totally giving them a few free sheets because of my lack of sense of direction. And for the mosquito bites that were inflicted upon all of us.

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I love this last one. My little buddy was turned around to make sure we were still behind them. I love how the baby is holding onto his Daddy and you can just see his chubby little hand on his shoulder. I love that Mommy is holding her only daughter with her same curly hair.

Thank you W-family. I hope you don’t tell too many people about what a ding-dong your photog was for this shoot. I hope you call me and want me to do more pics for you guys again! We will stick to the “normal” way next time!

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  1. Don't you remember, I never get lost (ha ha), I just find a new place to have an adventure! The shots are great!