Action, Action—we want ACTION!

You asked for it. Okay… you didn’t. My children did.

And a little (or large) warning…this post has many pictures. So many pictures that you may need to take a break from all the viewing.

First and foremost. We got a great shot of all 4 of the darlings. See?


I decided to head somewhere I have never been with the troops this really hot day. The fountains downtown. And my biggest mistake?—no swimsuits.


This was just too funny. The kids weren’t aware that the fountains go up and down. They were down when they first went to peek at them. They quickly discovered they do come back up when least expecting it.

 044 060 

Oh Stormy. She held her nose so water wouldn’t squirt up it.

087 090 091

And Shayne had a blast once we assured her it was fine to get her clothes wet.


My poor baby girl. She was having none of it. She much preferred to hold onto Daddy’s leg or walk with me.

119 122

Here my girls are sitting oh-so patiently waiting for the water to come up from the fountains. Why?

159  167162 

So they could lift up one side of their booties so they could spray each other. It took Stormy a little bit to learn the proper way to lean.

But of course she did learn. And of course it was extremely funny.

Not to be left out—our little man. He probably had the most fun. He ran. And slipped. And ran some more. And splashed. And…


Did what he does best. Enjoyed himself.

189 191

We didn’t spend much time here. I will try to take them back sometime soon. I will remember though to:

A) Bring/wear swimsuits for the kids.

B) Not put them in white t-shirts if I forget the suits (yeah—I had these plans with their outfits for photos but…

white t-shirts and water don’t mix).

If you made it this far in the post—excellent!! I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did!


  1. Awesome action shots! How I would love to frolic around in refreshing fountains after being in this heat...think I would get some wierd looks?!?!