Yesterday…seemed to start out so normal before…

It blew up.

Started out with me running to Wal-Mart to get something I needed for a photo shoot at 1030AM. Yep—rushing around with all of the kids first thing after they wake up is…interesting. But they did great. Because I bribed them. No shame in that game baby. I needed certain things and in order to do that I did what Mom’s do. We figure out what is going to work. Mine, at that moment, was bribery. Anyways…

The photo shoot—goes smashingly. See?

Reed 6 month 001

After the shoot we are just hanging out at home for a little bit. I was kinda hurting and needed to rest. So that is what I did for the whole three hour nap session at our house. After nap, we run a couple of errands (the we of course means me and the 4 darlings). My nephew wants to spend the night. Yep—as long as his momma wants to bring him out. She does. I also have Shayne take a couple of pictures of me. We have hit the official halfway point in this pregnancy!! 20 weeks left. Which sounds like a lot but the second half always seems to go much faster!

IMG_6390 IMG_6391


I feed the kids dinner. And then while they are all finishing up I am trying to print a long last of boy names that start with “C.” The neighbors come over and want the kids to come out and play. Stormy tells them we will be out soon (per my instructions) and then she shuts the door—WITH SAGE’S FINGERS IN THE HINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grab Sage and a wet paper towel and am trying to assess how bad it is. Stormy starts to cry. Sage is screaming her head off. There is a lot of blood, a missing fingernail, and a bunch of skin gone. CRAP. I need to take her to the ER to see if the fingers are broken. Not because they can do much for that but if I need to tape them, I need to know. Did I mention I have 5 kids here? My neighbor, Matt, comes over and offers to watch the rest of the kids so I take just Sage. Have I mentioned I have the greatest neighbors ever?!?! So I head to the ER. I am calling my sister to come get Callahan (she also has had a mishap at the store involving glass pickle jar and flip flops so it will take a short bit to get there). I also finally get a hold of Paul (of course he was out of town) he will call me to check on Sage a few times when he can (which he does). I also get a hold of Carrie (SIL) to come out to sit with the other kids so Bonnie can take care of her wounds.

Sage was beyond ticked off. The ER was busy and it was right at shift change. Anyways-I wasn’t allowed in the room during her X-Ray (you know the prego belly and all) which Sage loved. I held her after that in the rocking chair and hummed and sang to her. She was calm then except for when she moved her hand. The Dr (totally cute!) came in and said no broken bones. Thank God. I asked if her nail will grow back. “It should.” Not very reassuring but I’ll take it. I left there after only being there for an hour and half. Not bad.

I get home and talk with my SIL for quite a bit and then…bed…with Sage. Every time she tried to move her hand she whimpered. It broke my heart and it made for a rough L.O.N.G. night.

She is much better today. Now that doesn’t mean her finger doesn’t hurt like crazy but she isn’t screaming every time she moves it. And me? Let’s just say bedtime will be at 830 tonight for all of us.


  1. Love the pictures! Tell Shayne "good job"! Poor baby Sage. Glad she is on the mend!

  2. great pic debbie :) so sorry for poor sage- we recently had that same mishap here at our house!!

  3. I was cringing the whole time you were describing Sage's accident. Poor baby girl! Josi would have freaked out too. Seems like you handled it like a pro, though. I hope she is feeling better soon.

    Great belly pic. My sister is due a week after you with her first. It's amazing the difference between the bellies of a first time mom and a 5th time mom. If you didn't know her, you wouldn't be able to even tell she is pregnant yet.