What I didn’t do…or wish I hadn’t.

I was actually up early today. Shocking I know. My kids all sleep in. Something I trained them to do. We don’t get up early. PERIOD. But for some reason, today I did. I watched the news for a little bit. Just to see how hot it was going to be. Well at 8ish it was already close to 80. That’s hot folks. I was downstairs in just my pajama shirt. I glanced outside. Crap. I knew I was going to have to head out to water my little garden (3 tomato plants and 2 cantaloupe plants). But I didn’t want to walk all the way back up stairs, find some pants, then walk all the way back downstairs and then head outside. What is a 5 month-pregnant woman to do? Does she stop being lazy and whiny and go find something suitable to wear outside so as not to embarrass herself?

Well maybe some other 5-month-pregnant woman would. But yours truly…was being lazy. I wrapped a blanket around my waist, grabbed my flip flops and went in the backyard. I watered the plants and hurried back inside.

Not too bad. No one saw me (I hope). It was fast. The plants appreciated the water (I’m guessing). And it was hot. Trust me. Maybe I was sweating already because of feeling the need to rush.


What blanket did I use? The one that was downstairs that wasn’t too big but not too small.

Mental Image ALERT: If you are distressed by comical images in your mind of a pregnant woman hurrying outside wrapped in a blanket in 80 degree weather, then stop reading now.

MENTAL IMAGE: Woman with long blonde hair (fresh from out of bed) outside in 80 degree weather wearing a tee shirt and wrapped in a kids blanket from waist—err I mean big baby bump down, wearing black flip flops watering her little garden at lightening speed so no one sees her.

Okay…now you have an image in your mind. How about a picture of the blanket to help the image?

011Yep—pregnant woman in tee shirt and wrapped in a Bob the Builder blanket in 80 degree weather watering her little garden.

I know you’re sad you missed it. Admit it.

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  1. You're right, sorry I missed it! Perhaps one of your neighbors saw you and is waiting with camera in hand for you to do it again in the morning!