No son. Shots are not fun.

That is what I said about a million times on Friday. Connor had his Kindergarten check-up; which involves shots too.

As far as measurements…

Connor in the 10% is 39 7/8 " tall. Which is something we have to chart at home now. To make sure he is growing. Apparently kids are supposed to grow 2" in one year. He didn’t. So now we chart it. And in 6 months if he hasn’t grown then we go back for more tests. Am I worried about it? Not really. I mean I’m concerned for my child’s health of course but as far as height, no. I am only 5' . No more. No less. So I am not at the vertically enhanced end of the gene pool. Paul is the shortest in his family also. His brother and parents are both over the 6' mark. Not Paul. Which is what makes the world go ‘round. You know…all the differences.

And as far as weight. Connor is in the 5% weighing in at 33 1/2 lbs. And yes-I do feed him. Healthy food. Unhealthy food. Snacks. Meals. Etc. He is just…not a heavy kid!

Everything else is fantastic for him. BP is great. BMI (Body Mass index) is perfect.

Basically everything for Connor is where it should be. Except the shots.

I have said it before and I will say it again. HOW DO THEY GET THE STRENGTH OF ZEUS DURING THESE EVENTS? He was beyond ticked off with just the finger prick. And then came the three shots. Holy Moly. He was crying when we were leaving the Dr. office and didn’t stop until we got to the truck and I asked him if he still wanted to go pick out a toy.

He said he still wanted to.

So we did. I also took all the kids swimming again. This was a multi-reason event. I didn’t want Connor to just sit and let his legs get even more sore. So swimming is perfect because he has to move! Which mostly means running around like a crazy person. Which he did.

Later on that day though, he was walking like an old man and saying “Oh. Ah.” with each step. I know he was in pain. He woke up the next day…just as “normal” as he could be.

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