A great 50 years…

Saturday I headed back to my home town to help my Aunt and Uncle celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Yes, 50. And I had to go. I was delivering a surprise gift from their kids (my cousins) to them.

2 bigelow copy 

6 bigelow copyYep. Photographs of them together. Which hadn’t happened since my cousin (who is my age) was little! They are all still the same. I don’t see them very much. Skip (in the blue shirt) is still one of the nicest people I know. His smile makes you smile. My cousin, Michelle is always happy. I swear. She makes me laugh. Teresa has a quiet personality and one of the kindest hearts of anyone I know. And Bill. Poor Bill. So much trouble we got him into when we were little. Still has the same laugh.

I’m honored they asked me to do these photographs. I hope they enjoy them as much I did of the taking.



And these were the only good shots I got while down there. I was busy chasing Sage. She was into everything and every place she could possibly get to. It was so good seeing my aunts and uncles and my grandma! I am bummed I didn’t get more pics but whatcha gonna do?

Happy 50th Aunt Marita & Uncle Galen!

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  1. Everyone commented on how good the pictures were and Aunt Marita (like me) cried when she saw them! Great job Debbie and it was wonderful seeing you and the kids!