Crankiness..is defined as…


Yep. Utterly and completely cranky. Why?

I took the kids to the pool today. No big deal. I did it all the time last summer.

So what is the difference?

Sage is no longer confined to a stroller. Is that it?

Shayne does know how to swim (not great but is getting better).

Stormy still gets cold really fast.

And Connor. ARGH! This little pain in the butt. I may leave him with a sitter for the remainder of the pool trips for the summer.

Yep-that’s how bad it was.

And really it wasn’t THAT bad.

A stupid lady that “hasn’t had the chance to pick up her new pool key” asked if I would let her in.

*this is our neighborhood pool. If you don’t pay your dues…you don’t get to go pick up your key. Pay your dues…you still have to schedule a time to do this—I had to also peeps.*

I told her I normally don’t but I would this time. WHY should I let random people in not knowing if they have paid or not? I had to. And if I went up there without my key and someone told me they wouldn’t let me in…totally my fault.

She then had two other cars with her friends and their kids show up. So…she didn’t have time to go get her key but she did have time to invite people not knowing if she could get in. Uh-uh. She better hope she doesn’t have to ask me again.

So that started my cranky mood. Connor running his mouth full of sass and trying to take off when the gate opened didn’t help. I tried to catch him but I was holding my keys and I ended up scratching the heck out of him. Which made me feel bad (of course). A little while later he was yelling and hitting me. Holy crap was I ticked off. I continued to make him sit it out so I could calm down get everything ready to go.

I had asked Shayne to put the camera back in the truck under the tee-shirt—to keep it cooler. Yeah…when we got into the truck there it was…sitting on my dash in direct sunlight.ARGH!—And by some miracle—the camera is not messed up in anyway. Thank God!


003 005 012 013

Shayne loves to jump in the pool! Stormy eases in most of the time. How close Sage is in that picture…yeah…that’s it for her. She doesn’t like the water. at. all. As far as Connor’s picture…he was still being decently behaved.

It was after I put the camera away that all heck broke loose.

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