Another try…another swing and a miss…

And nope I am not talking about baseball.

033Stormy is waving her flag. Shayne is almost covered with the three she was holding. Sage is…well, look (I grabbed her paci) and Connor isn’t looking.

Paul took this one. I am going to have to teach him how to focus. What sucks the most about it?


It was the only decent one in the whole batch. Not great. Not good. Decent. Shayne is making a face. So is Stormy. And Connor. Sage isn’t crying and I am smiling.

Next…Stormy and Sage look the best. I was telling the kids to find Daddy’s hair on his head {you know…because he’s bald}. Shayne is still making the face. And Connor…I don’t know.


Again…out of focus. Shayne and Connor—I’m gonna come unglued!!


 039 040 041

And those last three. I don’t need to point out what is wrong with each one do I?

Thank you.

Oh-why were we posing and all looking patriotic?

That’s what I do on important {to me} holidays. This holiday?

Memorial Day. And it just happened to fall on my birthday this year.

I have more pics of me  with  each individual kiddo. I will share those in a bit. They are much better.

So a swing and miss for a good shot of all 4.

One of these days my pretties. I will get you. And your smiles too!

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  1. hey, without my glasses on, they aren't that fuzzy at all!!! I still love them!!