22 weeks and counting…

I had a Dr. appointment yesterday. It went well. My blood pressure is 118/60. My weight is…not to be discussed. I did gain a few pounds from the last visit. I got the glucola for the next visit (which is in 3 weeks). I picked orange flavor…like I have with all of the babies.

How’s the baby? fantastic. Heart-rate was 156BPM. No—we don’t have a name picked for him…yet. He moves a lot at night. Nothing painful yet there either. It still is just little whacks now and then. Paul hasn’t been able to feel him yet because…he stops wiggling whenever someone puts a hand on my tummy.

005 008

Yep—that’s what a pregnant with 5th child woman looks like at 22 weeks.

I get asked all the time if I am due in the next couple of weeks. Or if it’s twins.

The ligaments have been so stretched at this point and let’s be honest,

at 5’—everything has to go out because up isn’t an option.

So…baby is great. I am doing well.

I get to have another sonogram in 3 weeks to peek on him and to check to make sure the placenta is moving out of the way.

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