Why I didn’t get to sleep in on the first day of summer vacation…

Paul got his call for work and got ready-no big deal. I (almost) never hear that. It was a little after 7AM when he comes in and says, “Wake up. You gotta see this! And I’m gonna wake the kids up so they can see!”

Me-a little groggy, “okay. See what?”

“Look outside!!!”

And so I did.


Yep. Hot air balloons were what my hubby was so excited about. And the kids?

Connor was totally enthralled by them. Stormy still sleepy was looking with her usual curiosity. Shayne?

“Who cares about hot air balloons. I’m going back to bed.”

And she did.

I grabbed the long lens and headed out for a few shots. Now—for us to see 7 or 8 of them like we did is a big deal. We don’t see them that much here. I think they are cool but definitely not on my bucket list. I have no desire to ever ride in one. So what all did I catch? (because you know I have more photos to share!)

009 003 005 014 015

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