What did you do this weekend?

Almost every Sunday when I am about to pass out from exhaustion, I think of what all happened over the weekend.

Let’s start with Friday…it was rough. Shayne and Stormy both got into massive trouble for seriously, SERIOUSLY bad attitudes. I was upset with them. It was nice out and did they get to go out? Nope. Did they get to play the computer? or the Wii? Nope. Anything that would have been fun? Nope. That’s life. It’s all about decisions, is it not? Everything you do in a moment directly impacts what happens the next. For example, I told my son if he made the choice to scream at me one more time, he was going to be sent to his room. He made the choice to have to go to his room. ANYWAYS-it was my SIL’s and nephew’s birthday. We went to dinner. That is what we do for the family birthdays on that side. It’s nice to get out and celebrate on actual birthdays! Paul got his call to go to work on the way to dinner. We had driven separate because we knew that was going to happen. Such is life! The dinner went fine. The kids did great there. It is just me apparently, they feel the need to sass.

So Friday was no good in  the attitude department. Let’s move to Saturday.

Oh—Saturday. Shayne had a soccer game at 9AM. I was praying for a rain-out. Not because I don’t enjoy hooting and hollering for my kid on the field (yes—I am one of those mothers). Paul was gone (like usual). It was cool out. And windy. And wet. And I would have to haul all the kids there. Not a big deal except…I didn’t want to. So…my wonderful sister-in-law volunteers to come sit with the other kids so I can go and focus on Shayne and her game. It was wonderful!

I got home and picked up the kids and ran a couple of errands. Once those were done it was nap time. A quick nap because…it was Stormy’s first t-ball game, right in the middle of nap. This is the first year any of the girls have played t-ball on the team. It is so funny to watch. They all go for the ball…no matter what position they are. They run the wrong way. They giggle. They smile. They play in the dirt/mud. I love to watch it! Connor ate a sunflower seed off of the ground…from who knows? I was thoroughly disgusted! He then continued to just play with his monster truck in the little mounds of rocks he had scooped together. I (gasp) didn’t take my camera. I did have my cell phone and as soon as I pull the pictures off of it, I will share.

We get home and I am running around cleaning because…I have a friend coming over to scrapbook. First my neighbor helped me pulling the big table up to the dining room for me. And the really heavy tub of “scrap crap”.

We scrapbook and talk until the wee hours. Well…midnight. All of the kids did great. Her two and my 5. Say what? 5. Yep…Shayne had Lexi spending the night. At 1AM Lexi, came into my room and told me she had a tummy ache and a headache. I ask her if she wants me to sit with her. Yep. She is snoring within two minutes. I go back to bed. Paul gets home and the dog is going crazy (I will talk more about that in a few days).

Sunday—Oh sweet Sunday. I didn’t have to do anything. Not that I did that. But I didn’t have to. It always makes things more pleasant when you don’t have to do them. Laundry, trash, picking up, moving furniture around and of course…taking care of the kids.  Paul got his call again and is gone. So Monday it’s back to normal for us.

Shew…I am going to bed. To watch TV so I can have my relax/thinking time. How I love this time of night!

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  1. Wow Debbie, makes me tired reading about it! I remember those days too!